Wedcolors Cinematography

The event of your dreams, follows you forever. You want to remember forever the sounds, words, images and feelings that made up your most memorable experience yet. You can replay your best moments, over and over again, anytime, anywhere, so you can keep these moments forever. A perfect mix of images, movement, sounds and feelings capture the past and become your companion for life

Create the movie of your dreams, played on your set with you as the leading actors, directed by WedColors creative team. The power of light, art and emotions come alive through our lenses so you can keep your best memories alive and vibrant, kept forever and played over and over like a beautiful movie written just for you, with you.

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About Us

Our passion for our work and the faith in our creative abilities is what started WedColors in the first place. We decided to join our creative personalities for a greater cause, capturing the best moments of a couple and present them in the most artistic way possible. Through this journey we managed to evolve ourselves and offer true art through motion. We thank you for that.

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We are happy to travel anywhere in the world to shoot your next amazing video

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